SFW Media

Below is a gallery of movie clips and music videos that have amused and inspired me. Some are funny, some are dark, all are monstrous in some way. Enjoy!

And here’s a rather humorous example of what we do here. Ridiculous as it is, it’s still paranormal sex.

This next video below has actually inspired my next big story after Turning The Curse. Stay tuned!

Next are some rather nice clips from the video game Twisted Metal. It’s amazing to me how video games have become interactive movies. It’s such an underappreciated art form.

And here’s a rather terrifying trailer for a video game that eventually became manga, anime, etc. Such an underapreciated artform.

This next one was surprisingly hard to find and harder yet to find a good copy of. But the story was just too perfect to pass up. And is it me, or does our hard rock heroine have a bit of a crush on the head cheerleader?