Elizabeth Shipton offers her body to turn the rage of a werewolf to other passions, in hopes of protecting both her village and the werewolf himself, for he is the man she loves.

The morning after she sacrificed her virginity to save her village from her werewolf lover and her lover from himself, Elizabeth Shipton thinks it may not have been such a sacrifice after all. But it shall have consequences she never imagined…

Elizabeth Shipton has been found to be with child, and has been cast out by her family and the very town she has sacrificed her honor to protect. She takes shelter with the witch on the edge of the moors, where she begins to learn that lying with the werewolf has consequences beyond her pregnancy, and that other beasts than werewolves stalk the moors…

There is a hallway in the basement of Carver High School with a door at the end that never opens.  There is a room in that hallway where the students go to indulge in their teenage pleasures of the flesh, knowing that they’ll be safe.  Only tonight, they’re not safe.  Tonight, the doors open.

There is a creature with a beautiful face that hunts young men. And it has come for Edward Fontclair.

A beautiful young woman approaches a lonely old man: she can change his life, and all she wants is a little bit of his time.

The kingdom of Fecunda is in crisis. Princess Florinda must be kept a virgin until she marries, but what man can resist such a legendary beauty? Maybe no man at all. A woman warrior comes who can master any man, and keep the princess satisfied.

Jessie French is the biggest slut at Freeburg High School, which is saying something. In fact, she was caught with her pants down by the principal just today, and she’s having to take some punishment for that. But after that’s done, watch out. It might not be the virgin who survives the slasher this time.

Ray Hawkins is the bad boy of Freeburg High School, and this afternoon he’s being punished for that by the nastiest teacher in school. But Ray can’t help but think that they’re being watched by something worse than the school pervert…