Final Girl Chapter 1 – Kept After School

Everyone knows the story. The slut dies first, and the virgin goes on to beat the bad guy in the last reel. But this time, the virgin isn’t up to it, and it’s up to the slut to save the day.

Jessie French is the biggest slut at Freeburg High, and that’s saying a lot. She’s the classic bad girl: she’s tough, she’s clever, and there’s nothing she likes better than a roll in the back seat with one of her classmates, and she isn’t too choosy as to which. She’s got what it takes to stop whatever it is that’s causing people to drop like flies around Freeburg, but first she has to stay after school and take her punishment from the principal for getting caught with her pants down…

A throwback to the slasher films we all loved in the Eighties, Final Girl is a hilarious porn parody.

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