In The Make-Out Room

There is a hallway in Carver High School that doesn’t lead anywhere. It used to, but something happened that no one talks about, and now it just leads down into darkness, where it finally ends in a double door that is always locked. There is a room on this hallway where the students go to make out and make “it”, secure in the knowledge that the door locks from the inside.

Kristen Norton and Adam Delaney have chosen tonight to sneak away from a school dance, down the hallway, and into the Make-Out Room. It is either the best or worst decision they’ve ever made, because tonight is the night that the doors at the end of the hallway…open.

Reviews (From when this was sold on Amazon under another name):

From All About Books:

A great, quick-read horror tale that begins at a high school dance and ends with a hallway painted with blood. We can only imagine what the dance floor looked like. Adam and Kristen were a normal young couple just starting to explore their relationship when they attended a school dance. It was their second date, and as the night progressed, the couple finds themselves sneaking out of the dance and making their way to the infamous Make-Out room.

This moment-of-time story is filled with teenage hormones, glimpses of personal ethics, and snapshots into the fragility of the human mind. [Chambers] filled eighteen pages with a tale that leaves you wanting to know more. More about the old gym and its other secrets…more about the unseen murderer…and what happened to Kristen after she was found that morning after the dance. A few editorial errors were noticeable, but did not detract from the story.

Overall rating: ♥♥♥♥

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