The Chaperone: Part 1 – Earning The Job

They’ve got to keep the princess a virgin…but nobody is staying pure!

The kingdom of Fecunda is in crisis: Princess Florinda has come of age, and she must be kept a virgin until she is married. But what man can be trusted to guard such a legendary beauty? Maybe no man at all.

One day, a stranger arrives at the royal court of Fecunda. A woman warrior who, like many before her, claims that she is the one who should be given the honor of defending the princess’s virtue. But before she can earn that honor, she must prove that she can master any man and give the princess something to take her mind off straying…

The Chaperone is a hot and hilarious high fantasy porn parody where duels end with the knights getting invaded and the handsome prince is going to have to be pretty impressive to win the princess away from her bodyguard.

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