Turning The Curse Part 1 – May Eve

It’s May Eve, and the full moon is shining down. Elizabeth Shipton is walking the moors outside McAllister’s Mill, and she is afraid.

For a beast has been harrying McAllister’s Mill for months – a werewolf. A half-human shape is spotted under the full moon, then, in the morning, half-human paw prints are found around ravaged flocks and herds.

No people have been killed yet, but Elizabeth fears that by coming out on this night, she may be volunteering to be the first. But that is a risk she must take, for she, alone out of all the people in McAllister’s Mill, knows who the werewolf is: the man she loves, William Archer.

Elizabeth doesn’t have the power or the skill to either fight the werewolf or protect him from his hunters, but there is one way she can save him: the werewolf’s blood rage cannot be stopped, but it can be redirected into other passions. To save the man she loves and the people of her town, Elizabeth Shipton offers herself up to the werewolf’s wild passions…and is shocked to find her own passions responding.

An homage to Hammer Films, Turning the Curse is an erotic supernatural romance.

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