Turning The Curse Part 3 – Late Summer

A werewolf stalks the moors around McAllister’s Mill, and only Elizabeth Shipton knows the truth of its identity: the werewolf is the man she loves, William Archer.

Every Full Moon since May Eve, Elizabeth has laid down with the werewolf on the moors, beneath the Moon. She has protected the town from the werewolf and William from himself. She has turned the werewolf’s blood rage into a different passion. But in the process, she has become pregnant with the werewolf’s child.

Cast out from her family and the town she protects, she takes shelter with the village witch who lives on the edge of the moors and waits for William to resolve the conflict between civilization’s demands, his own heart, and the Beast’s passions. Meanwhile, Elizabeth is beginning to feel changes that make her think that lying with a werewolf might have consequences beyond her swelling belly. As the Full Moon approaches, Elizabeth’s passions grow wilder and she can feel the Beast rising within herself.

But there are other beasts who stalk the moors…

An homage to Hammer Films, Turning the Curse is an erotic supernatural romance.

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