Free Giveaway and New Art In The Gallery!

Hey all!

Biggest news today is that we’ve got a free giveaway! Turning the Curse Part 2, always free to read on Kindle Unlimited, is now available for free download! Head on over to Amazon and pick yourself up a copy!

The other news is that we’ve got new entries over in the NSFW Art Gallery. I’ve added a Kim Possible/Cthulhu Mythos crossover that’s appropriately horrifying, and added some new pictures, including a short story, to Stickymon.

New Media!

Hello my fellow freaks! Sorry it is taking so very long to get out the next chapter of Turning the Curse! In the meantime, enjoy a couple of new clips in the SFW Media gallery, one of them a hilarious example of what we do here – i.e., paranormal sex – and the other a terrifying video game trailer that once again illustrates just how underrated that art form is.

A New Book, A New Gallery, And More To Come!

Hey all!

Lots of big news for the site this weekend!

First and most important, of course, is the introduction of a new book! Check out Final Girl Chapter 2!

Meanwhile, I’ve added a whole new section to the Medial Library – the NSFW Section! The artist I’ve chosen for the first gallery is one of my personal favorites. Horny and humorous, with plenty of monsters and women who are taking just a little more than they bargained for, I hope you enjoy my Stickymon gallery as much as I do. More Stickymon pictures and more galleries all coming soon!

Meanwhile, work continues on Turning The Curse. Part 3 coming soon. Keep an eye out!