Two New Stories!

I can’t believe I let myself get this far behind on this! I’ve uploaded not one but two new stories to Kindle, and never mentioned it!

Actually, to tell the truth, these are old stories, previously published under another name. Both are a bit darker than what you might be used to from me. One was actually published in an anthology of extreme horror under that other name. Both are deadly serious.

In The Make-Out Room is the one that was actually in that extreme horror anthology. A summary:

There is a hallway in the basement of Carver High School with a door at the end that never opens.  There is a room in that hallway where the students go to indulge in their teenage pleasures of the flesh, knowing that they’ll be safe.  Only tonight, they’re not safe.  Tonight, the doors open.

For more information, go here.

This one is a story about what happens when the hunters become prey, and it includes some themes that I intend to return to when I get the chance.

There is a creature with a beautiful face that hunts young men. And it has come for Edward Fontclair.

For more information, go here.